About Us

After visiting 30A on vacations, we decided to make it our home.  We love the idea of a one-road town and the great people that are here. 

As soon as we moved into our new home, we immediately realized that we had no idea how to access all of the beaches 30A has to offer.   Some are hidden and others are not listed anywhere.   We would take drives to find new 30A beaches only to realize that there was no parking and we should have brought our bikes or just walked.   

Then we thought, “What about visitors who have only a few days to find their perfect beach?”  They must be very frustrated.   

We started thinking.   What if we drove, walked and biked all the way down 30A, taking notes and pictures at each beach access point?  That would solve a lot of problems for everyone.  And, what if we created an interactive map that works with Google Maps to guide people to their perfect beach? 

After months of gathering information and working with our development team, we are proud to offer 30A Beach Map to you absolutely free.   We only ask one thing.  Have a great time during your visit! 

And of course, if you need a Realtor that definitely knows 30A or an amazing Interior Designer for your beach home, we’re here for you. 

John and Stacy